A Gift That Keeps on Giving

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A Gift That Keeps on Giving

People are appreciating their home environments due to being physically at home more because of the pandemic. Being physically present more hours of the day and noticing issues such as a dripping faucet or water-wasting toilet, that was previously ignored when you were working outside of the home, is not as easily tolerated.

According to Sarah Ward in San Diego Community News GroupThe fall real estate market remains strong “Many people living in apartments and condos didn’t necessarily spend a lot of time in their homes. With San Diego being an outdoor society, people spent quite a bit of time outdoors at the beach, hiking, etc. In addition, people would spend 40 or so hours at their workplace. But the working-from-home phenomenon is causing people to spend much more time at home …” While this has implications for the real estate market, we also find that it is causing people to be more intent upon making repairs or replacing fixtures that are not working well.

In addition, the holidays are coming up. While festivities may be lower key in terms of get-togethers, Powers Plumbing is predicting that more people will give the gift of kitchen and bath fixtures to provide better functionality and a sanctuary of sorts to the functional areas of your home.

“We anticipate that plumbing fixture replacements and upgrades will be more popular and are an excellent gift idea for our clients this holiday season because more of our clients are spending so much more time at home,” said Sean Lance, owner of Powers Plumbing. “In the past, we have always had clients purchase new plumbing fixtures (toilets, faucets, bidet toilet seats) as gifts for their significant others during the holidays. People are cooking more and want their kitchens to work better. They also need space to unwind. This has led to folks setting up spa-like environments and experiences in their home bathrooms for critically needed relaxation.”

Further, this holiday season, gift certificate programs at many retail establishments may not be as coveted as in previous holiday seasons due to the interactions at traditional shopping locations due to COVID-19. With a little bit of creativity, the gift of a home improvement that your loved one either selects themselves with the assistance of our team: a gift certificate for after the holidays that allows them to choose what they want: or. as a surprise because you already know what is wanted, is an especially thoughtful gift that will last well beyond the pandemic.

Plumbing upgrades for gift giving that have been popular in past years include new faucets or upgraded garbage disposers in the kitchen. For the bathroom, hand-held shower setups and comfort height and water-saving toilets. Others have embarked on remodels that included multiple fixtures or walk-in tubs. These upgrades not only show that you care about the day-to-day experience that your loved one has at home. It is also a great investment that you are able to enjoy daily besides maintaining the value of your home for the long term.

Sean Lance is the owner of Powers Plumbing www.BestSanDiegoPlumber.com located in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, CA. Powers Plumbing offers services and parts to assist you with either a gift certificate or product installation for your gift-giving this holiday season. Call (619) 257-3447 for personal attention.

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