Opening Buildings After COVID-19 Closures

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Opening Buildings After COVID-19 Closures

We mostly work on residential service and repair for homeowners and know that during this pandemic, these systems have been performing well for you as home offices and home schools have become commonplace. After being closed for these last months, there is pent-up desire to get back to work, school, places of worship and other haunts frequented before COVID-19. Concerns about safely reopening any of these places may have not crossed your mind, but if you have any stake in facilities management or maintenance operations flushing the building systems in a safe and methodical manner is very important. Equally important is ensuring that trap ways are primed, meaning that drains have water in the U bend of the drain and have not dried up over the past months. If that happens there is a body of evidence that shows that aerosols can travel throughout the building from the sewer system.

Since some of our most dear clients have responsibilities for buildings that may have been closed, we wish to share this important step-by step guide from IAPMO – the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. If you have any questions about these recommendations, please call us. We are grateful to IAPMO for presenting these timely recommendations and implore you to take these measures to heart if you have responsibilities for reopening so that the same diligence and commitment to safety that you have shown during the shutdown is reflected in the safe reopening of your facility.

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