• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the Charges for a Plumbing Service Call with Powers Plumbing San Diego?
      At Powers Plumbing, we provide transparent and competitive pricing for our plumbing services across San Diego. Our plumbing service call charges are calculated on an hourly rate, considering both the time spent and the materials used. Our commitment to efficient service is showcased through the GPS tracking of all our service vehicles. This allows us to ensure that our billing starts when our expert plumber departs from the shop or wraps up their service at a prior customer's location. We aim to provide the most cost-effective and efficient professional plumbing solutions in San Diego.
    • What is the Operating Schedule for Powers Plumbing's Retail Shop and Office in San Diego?
      We at Powers Plumbing are excited to welcome you at our retail shop and office, conveniently located at 1705 W. Lewis St. San Diego, CA 92103. We are available to serve you Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 4:30PM. Whether you're looking for professional plumbing services or simply want to discuss your plumbing needs, don't hesitate to drop by during our operating hours. We're proud to be a trusted provider of comprehensive plumbing solutions in San Diego and look forward to your visit.
    • Does Powers Plumbing San Diego provide emergency plumbing services?
      Yes, Powers Plumbing proudly offers extended after-hours and emergency plumbing services to accommodate unexpected needs in San Diego. Our after-hour service runs from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, we have a dedicated 24-hour emergency service line, ensuring we're available to assist you even on holidays should an urgent plumbing issue arise. Simply call our office at (619) 257-3447 and press #5 to reach a live operator who will promptly assist you. Trust Powers Plumbing for reliable, round-the-clock plumbing services in San Diego.
    • How Long Has Powers Plumbing Been Offering Services in San Diego?
      Powers Plumbing has a long-standing heritage of providing superior plumbing services in San Diego, tracing back to our establishment in 1914 by founders Luther Powers and his son Calvin. In 1917, we relocated our operations from downtown to Mission Hills. Further anchoring our history in the community, in 1923, we commissioned Martin V. Melhorn to design and build our current shop located at 1705 W. Lewis Street. This shop holds historical significance as it's designated part of the Fort Stockton Trolley Line Historic District. With over a century of experience, we're proud to be San Diego's trusted choice for reliable, professional plumbing solutions.
    • Does Powers Plumbing in San Diego offer any warranties or satisfaction guarantees for their plumbing services?
      Absolutely! At Powers Plumbing, we believe in the quality of our work, which is why we proudly stand behind our professional plumbing services in San Diego with robust warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, long-lasting solutions that give our customers peace of mind and confidence in our work. We're committed to exceeding your expectations, and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with our service, we're determined to make it right. Trust Powers Plumbing for reliable, warranty-backed plumbing services in San Diego.
    • Does Powers Plumbing Offer a Warranty on their Plumbing Services in San Diego?
      Powers Plumbing San Diego strongly believe in the quality and durability of our work, which is why we provide our customers in San Diego with robust warranties for our plumbing services. Our aim is not just to meet, but exceed your expectations by providing reliable, lasting solutions. Our warranties are part of our commitment to ensure your utmost satisfaction and trust in the professional plumbing solutions we provide. You can rely on Powers Plumbing for all your plumbing needs in San Diego, backed by our solid warranty assurances.
    • Can Customers Supply Their Own Parts for Plumbing Jobs with Powers Plumbing in San Diego?
      While Powers Plumbing always aims to provide flexible and tailored services to our customers in San Diego, we must clarify that there will be no parts or labor warranty on any customer-supplied parts. This is because we cannot guarantee the quality or compatibility of components not supplied by us. For your peace of mind and to uphold the highest standards of service, we strongly recommend using the high-quality, reliable parts supplied by Powers Plumbing for all your plumbing needs in San Diego.
    • What is Powers Plumbing's Policy on Drain Service Guarantees in San Diego?
      At Powers Plumbing, we strive to deliver high-quality and reliable drain services across San Diego. However, please note that we do not offer a warranty or guarantee for our drain services. If a clog reoccurs due to items introduced into the drain post our service, or if there's a recurring problem such as an unaddressed cracked drain line, subsequent service calls will be chargeable. As part of our commitment to transparency and excellent service, we will always notify you of any noticeable issues with your drain line and advise on the best course of action. Trust Powers Plumbing for expert, professional advice on your drain service needs in San Diego.
    • Can I Request a Free Estimate from Powers Plumbing in San Diego Before Committing?
      Absolutely! Powers Plumbing San Diego is committed to transparent and fair pricing for our plumbing services in San Diego. We gladly provide written estimates for projects that go beyond standard service and repair tasks or require more than one day or 8 hours of work. This enables you to understand the scope and cost of the job before making a decision. Trust Powers Plumbing in San Diego for clarity and transparency in all your plumbing project needs. Call (619) 257-3447 today for a free estimate!
    • What are the Standard, After-Hour, and 24-Hour Emergency Service Rates for Powers Plumbing in San Diego?
      At Powers Plumbing, we have a clear and transparent pricing structure for all our plumbing services in San Diego. For service, maintenance, and repair work, we charge an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum for each plumber. After the initial hour, we bill in 15-minute increments. We begin timing the job when our plumber leaves our shop or a previous customer's location and end when the job is completed. Typically, drive times are under 30 minutes for most areas within San Diego County. For added transparency, all our service vans are GPS tracked and are fully stocked, meaning we seldom need to leave a job to pick up parts. Our standard rate is applicable from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. After-hours or 24-hour emergency service rates apply from 4:30 PM to 8:00 AM, seven days a week. For more extensive jobs requiring more than a day's labor, we offer free quotes. Most of our invoices typically reflect 2 hours or less, and rarely more than 4 hours of work. If you have any questions about your invoice, feel free to call us. Trust Powers Plumbing for transparent and competitive rates for all your plumbing needs in San Diego.
    • What Does a Sewer Camera Inspection with Powers Plumbing in San Diego Entail?
      A sewer camera inspection with Powers Plumbing involves a thorough examination of your sewer line using our advanced video camera technology. During the inspection, our experts provide a live video feed of your drain line, mark problematic spots, and generate a detailed depth report of any areas of concern. Additionally, we can send the inspection video to you post-inspection for your reference. This service is billed at an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum. For more details on our rates or to schedule a sewer camera inspection in San Diego, feel free to call us at (619) 257-3447. Trust Powers Plumbing for comprehensive and efficient sewer camera inspections in San Diego.
    • What Services Does Powers Plumbing Provide to HOAs, Landlords, Property Managers, and Facility Maintenance Companies in San Dieg
      Powers Plumbing San Diego leverages modern technology to deliver exceptional property management services in San Diego, especially for busy professionals such as HOAs, landlords, property managers, and facility maintenance companies. Our plumbing experts utilize iPads to provide comprehensive reports of every job. These reports, which are emailed to you upon job completion, may also include photos to clearly explain the performed repairs to you and any other stakeholders. These images are saved along with the job record for future reference. Such visual documentation can be a valuable resource for budgeting, insurance claims, or addressing tenant issues. Our team can manage any job as a project manager, handling everything from start to finish. Give us a call at Powers Plumbing San Diego and let us handle your property management plumbing needs in San Diego with professionalism and ease.
    • Does Powers Plumbing Provide Inspections and Estimates for Properties in Escrow in San Diego?
      Yes, Powers Plumbing offers thorough inspections and estimates for properties currently in escrow in San Diego. We apply our standard hourly rates for reviewing relevant documents, performing the inspection, and drafting the report. However, should either the buyer or seller decide to hire us to carry out the necessary plumbing work, we'll credit back the inspection fee on the invoice after the work has been completed. Trust Powers Plumbing in San Diego for meticulous and fair escrow property inspections and estimates.
    • When Does Powers Plumbing in San Diego Require Payment?
      At Powers Plumbing, we typically expect payment upon completion of the service. We provide an email invoice at the conclusion of the work, which can be settled using several payment methods. While we accept cash, we prefer checks for payment. Please note, there's a returned check fee of $30.00. We also accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover, although a 3.5% processing fee will be applied for these transactions. If you require additional financing arrangements, please contact our office in San Diego prior to the service. A copy of the invoice will be provided to you via email, ensuring transparency in all our transactions. Trust Powers Plumbing for straightforward and convenient payment options for your plumbing services in San Diego.
    • What Are Powers Plumbing's Credit Card Policies in San Diego?
      At Powers Plumbing, we offer several convenient ways to pay using your credit card. Our plumbers are equipped to process your credit card payment directly through their iPads at your service location. Alternatively, we can process your card payment at our shop in San Diego. When setting up the work order, we'll ask for your email address to send you a paid receipt after the work is completed. Additionally, if you receive an invoice by email, there will be a link included for secure online payment. If you need additional financing arrangements, we ask that you get in touch with our office at the time of, or prior to, the service call to discuss these arrangements. As with all our transactions, we prioritize transparency and will provide you with a copy of the invoice via email. Please note, while we accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, a 3.5% processing fee will apply for these transactions. We also accept checks and cash, with a returned check fee of $30.00. Trust Powers Plumbing for flexible and transparent payment options for your plumbing services in San Diego.
    • What Neighborhoods Does Powers Plumbing Service in San Diego County?
      Powers Plumbing is centrally located in the historic Mission Hills area of Uptown, Central San Diego, affording us excellent freeway access. This strategic location allows us to reach many parts of San Diego County within minutes. Our primary service areas include Downtown, Hillcrest, Point Loma, La Jolla, North Park, South Park, and Chula Vista. However, our services aren't confined to these regions. We've served clients as far away as Palm Springs and Escondido. To ensure quick response times, we aim to coordinate our appointments as closely as possible to our central location. However, no matter where you're located within San Diego County, you can trust Powers Plumbing to deliver prompt and professional plumbing services.
    • Is Powers Plumbing Open on Holidays in San Diego?
      Yes, Powers Plumbing maintains operations on many bank and school holidays, offering services at our regular rates. However, please be aware that on certain observed holidays - specifically New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day - we do charge double time. Regardless of the day, you can count on Powers Plumbing to be available for your urgent plumbing needs in San Diego.