Gravity Heating Systems: What Is the Attraction?

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What is the Attraction with Gravity Heating Systems

Coastal San Diego is almost the perfect temperature year-round. We have our warm days in the summer and our cool days in the winter. For the cool days, often times a gravity heating system is all that is needed to take the chill out of air.

Gravity heaters such as floor furnaces or wall heaters do not rely upon a fan or motor to move the air. The gravity heating systems allow the warm air to rise naturally once it is heated as warmer air is lighter than cool air. Powers Plumbing is licensed to work on these gravity heating systems.

Gravity systems are common sense along the coast. They are efficient relying only on gas (no electrical connection is needed). You can still use a simple thermostat near the heater to operate it. Forced air units or FAUs rely upon a fan or fan motor and electricity to move the air.

Gravity systems are less expensive and less expensive to install than forced-air units because they don’t require an electric motor for the fan, they don’t require opening walls, or require any ducting. They are less expensive to operate using only gas instead of gas and electricity.

Both systems use gas and we recommend that you perform maintenance to ensure that they are safe to operate. If you are interested in gravity heating floor heaters or wall heaters — give us a call. We can assist you in selecting the right size system for your property.

If you already have a wall heater or floor furnace, we can provide you with maintenance to keep the unit working efficiently and safely throughout our cool season.

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