Water Quality Report Makes the Case for Filtered Water

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Water Quality Report Makes the Case for Filtered Water

If you drink bottled water and care about the quality of your water, you may want to see the San Diego Water Quality report. A new Water Quality report is sent out to residents each year and we think that you would be wise to review it. Did you know that pesticides that make their way into our water supply are not included in the report and are only tested in the water supply approximately every five (5) years. Recently, the city has added fluoride to our water supply. While Fluoride is beneficial to growing children in their toothpaste, it is somewhat controversial as a water additive when there are already so many additives to our water. We are so much more fortunate than those countries with contaminated water, but the question that we ask is: Will drinking our tap water help us stay healthy? We believe that drinking filtered water is something that you should do for optimal health.

The 2020 San Diego Water Quality Report is silent on pesticides yet this is also something that you may want removed with your water filter. And it is even more relevant now that more San Diego water has been coming from the agricultural areas of Northern California.

If you are interested in improving your health you likely drink a lot of water. Give us a call if you would like more information on filters to remove particles and chemicals in your water so that the water you drink optimizes your health.

Want a Water Softening System without the Salt?

Water softeners are becoming a relic of a bygone era. They waste water because they have a regeneration cycle and put salt into our water supply. These drawbacks have also caused them to come under scrutiny. California law makers proposed banning the traditional type of water softener systems. The challenge is getting conditioned water without wasting water resources or introducing salt.

We are a thirsty State, yet, people still want conditioned water especially because of the hard water here in San Diego. Hard water builds up in faucet parts, pipes and is hard on all of your fixtures, clothes, skin, hair and water using appliances. At Powers Plumbing, we wanted to be able to address this need for all of our clients so we sent in water samples from our office and local households to be analyzed. Then we customized a filter system to address the hard water problems we have here for the whole house. We recommend a whole house water system because of the benefits of bathing and drinking, as well as for the condition of your pipes and water using appliances. Whole house filters in conjunction with a drinking water system for taste and odor/chlorine or filters for other additives like fluoride will give you all of the benefits of a conditioner system without the water waste or salt additives of a softener.

Our private label water conditioners are high quality and made locally by the same company that makes water conditioners for WaterBoy. The systems vary based on the size that you need and last about 10 years without any filter changes. For our older neighborhoods we will need to help you configure placement for the systems with your water inlet. Our catalog shows water filters, Reverse Osmosis (or RO) systems and yes for those who can’t live without them high efficiency water softeners.

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