Lead Law Compliance

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What is the Lead Law Compliance

In 2010, Powers Plumbing became certified with the EPA and the City of San Diego to comply with lead laws that affect all contractors who work at your house.

Lead laws impact all residential projects. The idea is to protect residents from lead exposure during plumbing, painting, or other construction repairs. It affects all homes that were built before 1978 and comes into play when the plumber or contractor needs to open a wall space six square feet inside or 20 square feet outside. If these conditions exist, then the plumber must be certified to open the wall. The safety measures taken by the certified contractor are the same types of measures that we have taken for years on the job site. They include isolating the area and removing debris from the site. We want you to be aware of these new procedures that we will follow to comply with the new laws.

Here are three points to provide to a contractor if you are having renovation work done.

Call us for more information about any project that requires opening up wall space so that it is handled in the proper manner. Homeowners or tenants should take a moment to read the information offered from the EPA in a pamphlet called Renovate Right.

Powers Plumbing is Lead-Safe Certified by the EPA #NAT-87373-3 for purposes of section 402 of the TSCA.

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