Fixing Leaks & Conserving Water

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The Importance of Fixing Leaks and Conserving Water

With escalating water and sewer rates, fixing water leaks saves you money and saves precious water resources from literally going down the drain. That little plumbing leak at the hose or inside the toilet may be the culprit. Even a very small pinhole-sized water leak adds up to thousands of gallons over a short time.

If you have a faucet that drips this drip calculator clearly illustrates the water loss over time.

A review of your water bill will show you a graphic representation of your water use. If the bill is higher it may be that the rate has gone up. Being mindful of the amount of water you typically use during different seasons will also enable you to spot plumbing leaks if you don’t hear them or notice them otherwise.

That is a good start, but wouldn’t you like to stop your water leaks before you get that shocking water bill?

Leaks outside may be harder to discover. Dripping hose bibs or a leaking sprinkler valve can run up your water bill very quickly without you even being aware of it. So, make a point to regularly check your hose connections and your sprinkler system.

Inside you may hear water running in a wall or hear the toilet fill up even after no one has used it. When the toilet phantom flushes you definitely have a leak in the toilet.

There is no good reason to live with leaks. Let us help you identify and stop leaks. If you have a high water bill and no extraordinary circumstances to cause it (out-of-town guests or kids home from college over a break) there are a few things you can do to assess your systems.

Checking your Water Meter – When no one is using any water, look at your water meter for movement of the small red triangle. If it is moving, then you have a leak somewhere.

If the triangle is moving and you can’t hear water running, it is a good idea to check under your house for a water leak. Water leaking under the house besides wasting water could result in other serious issues.

A Leaking Faucet Can Often Be Repaired Without Changing Out the Entire Faucet – If you don’t feel comfortable making the repair yourself, a plumber is your best option. Remember, in the long run, if you pay to have the plumber stop the leak you will end up saving money and stop wasting water — A good investment in the long run.

Test Your Toilet for Leaks – Putting some food coloring or dye in the toilet tank will show you if you have a leak – if the dye leaks into the bowl then the flapper is no longer holding back water from draining into the bowl and you have a leak. These leaks can be big water wasters.

Check Your Water Heater – If it is behind the house or outside you may not have noticed it leaking. Check the area below and around the water heater as it can cause a lot of damage if left leaking.

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